• "When Sandra is presenting, magic happens. I am always amazed at the relevancy of the material and how enthusiastic I am to use what I have learned."
    -John Graeb
  • "Sandra, great job. You used great examples throughout the presentations. Really kept my attention the whole 3 days."
    -Jennifer Stodola
  •  "Sandra what a great class!"
    -William Tierney
  • "Good class and information. I've had little, if any, project management training, but am leading some projects. I plan to use a lot of this!"
    -Shawn K. Brown
  • "Excellent job-Sandra your passion is contagious! I hope to stay in touch with you for advice and guidance."
    -Steven Jacobs
  • "Thank you, you have woken me up. I will use these processes in my work and personal life. Especially when I look into my personal goals, my professional goals have always been easy to achieve. Again, thank you."
    -Quintas Perera
  • "Sandra is extremely knowledgeable on the topic... and a very entertaining professor..."
    -Andy Berens, Madison, WI
  • "The PMP Prep Course helped me pass the exam. I knew what I had to study to pass..."  
    – Dave King, New Berlin, WI