Those familiar with The Kellan Group know that we are not just a small business but in fact we are family firmWe always have been.

Founded by Sandra Hoskins and supported by her daughter Shirley Robert, we have continued for over 20 years to be a Project Management firm that provided quality and customer driven Project Management solutions. We have always been supported by family as we worked together to a common goal and count among our achievements helping to set the Masters of Project Management curriculum at the University of Wisconsin, developing courses for Red River College in Winnipeg and the countless number of customers we have helped along the way to succeed in their goals.

Of course one of the downsides of being a family firm is when a crisis happens within the family it affects all of us. We experienced a situation like this when in July 2012 we lost one of our biggest supporters, Sandra’s mother, and thus Shirley’s grandmother, Grace Young.

It’s what we would in the project management world would term a showstopper.

As we mourned our loss we turned out attention to connecting personally with our customers, our friends and investing in our family as a whole.

Grace Young was more than a mother or grandmother, she was someone we could bounce an idea off of and, in fact, without her wisdom we would not even be The Kellan Group for it was she who suggested we look beyond English for a name when we evolved from Paradigm Management Inc in 2000. She was our champion, our critic, and she was the voice of honest opinion.

Her loss is one we still navigate as a family and a firm every day.

Enter Cvet’s Pets, a charity run by Blue Bomber alumni Chris Cvetkovic. For those who aren’t familiar with Cvet’s Pets and the work they do they help shelter dogs find a purpose by training them and pairing them with a Veteran or First Responder suffering from PTSD.

They help connect those who need help with those who need a purpose.

What Chris and we didn’t realize is that he would provide us, who were in need, of a way to honour a loved one with the perfect outlet. He helped give our desire to be charitable, our need to help our community, and our need to honour one we lost a purpose.

Cvet’s Pets has allowed us to find a way as a corporate entity to honour one of our biggest supporters in a way she would certainly approve of. Grace was a regular donor to the ASPCA and a  lifetime supporter of the Royal Canadian Legion. We are confident that she would approve of our corporate support in her name to a charity that marries two causes she was passionate about together.

We are proud to be Hole Sponsors for this year’s Cvet’s Pets Golf Tournament and we are proud to share their events on our Facebook page and Twitter account. We would like to encourage our clients, friends and colleagues to add their support to this cause.

We also want to thank Chris for helping us, possibly more than we can express.

Find Cvet’s Pets on Facebook here:

Learn more about Cvet’s Pets events here:

Join us on the links on September 29, 2014 at the Kingswood Golf and Country Club.

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